Yacht Show

Traditionally, in the early days of August, when the Australian winter is in full swing, the annual international Yacht Show is taking place in Sydney.

In the very center of the City there is a very nice creek (Darling Harbor), where at that time everything was forced (rather – swam, entered, generally tied to the shore) for more than a couple of hundred yachts, yachts and all sorts of boats from all over the “ball”. There is a strong belief that if suddenly the planes stop flying, then civilization in Australia, if it does not arrive, will certainly arrive!

Everything and every taste (except for submarines) was presented at the exhibition: from aboriginal shuttle boats to “boats” inside of which, well, there is just no field for cricket! Even “deck aviation” is presented.

The main visitors are ordinary citizens or just onlookers whose salivation increases during this time and a “scabies” reflex of envy appears. But how can one not “saliva” here if you see this? Even the most inert person cannot resist the temptation to touch, pull, pull something.

The attendants (they, the exhibition workers) are surprisingly very good-natured, delicate and patient with all the “fads of visitors” people. Everyone, under any pretext, is trying to drag you “aft”. What is “feed” does not reach everyone, but it sounds kindly friendly. Everything inside such a yacht looks more friendly. It immediately becomes clear why sailors for years in the sea live on ships and go home to their wives, sometimes in no hurry at all! Of course, what a normal person from such conditions voluntarily will move to Khrushchev !? Show it!

Those to whom it becomes unbearably offensive from what they see can go to the indoor exhibition complex. There, on thousands of meters of exhibition space, you can see the “land continuation” in the form of: pleasure motor boats, fishing boats, motors, scooters and any other ship equipment. Prices are not at all scary. For example, a six-seat motor boat with interior leather trim and a stationary (non-mounted) Honda motor is sold at a price roughly comparable to the price of a mid-range Toyota. If you take the price category of a BMW car, then to the leather trim, the motor and the boat itself, they will offer a “built-in bedroom” with a built-in bedroom with a kitchenette, toilet and shower.

As the organizers of the exhibition explained, no one is now guided by the compass (like the Timurovtsy), by the moon or by the stars. There are very “smart” satellite navigation systems that themselves will show your location, and even lay the course to the specified destination. Surprisingly, when we ourselves began to twist the various handles on these devices, they “displayed on the screen” the coordinates of our location with an accuracy of 50 meters. If at the next exhibition at the next exhibition such a similar appliance shows the location of a person in an apartment (or indicates the exact price of a bunch of radishes in the morning vegetable market), I (the author of the article) will not be surprised at all …

In the meantime, outside the month of August, the “fierce Australian cold” is the time to think about the upcoming “October weekends with swimming, diving, water skiing and fishing …

Australian National Parks

More than 500 national parks of Australia occupy 4% of its territory and serve as places of attraction for many tourists. They are located in all provinces of the country, and some have gained world fame thanks to unique landscapes and modern tourist infrastructure.

Briefly about the best

Among the most visited in Australia are national parks in the Blue Mountains. The secret of their popularity in a short distance from Sydney, the diversity of flora and fauna, and in magnificent landscapes:

The Blue Mountains Park appeared on the map of Australia in the middle of the last century, and after fifty years, more than a million people visit it every year.

Kanangra-Boyd, 180 km from Sydney, is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its main pride is the most beautiful waterfalls, including the 225-meter Calang.

Founded in 1972, Lake Thirlmere Park offers its guests to relax on the shores of the cleanest reservoir and enjoy walking along its shores.

Blue Mountains

Direct transport links to the Blue Mountains Park happen from Sydney. You can get from the metropolis both by rail from the central city station and with the help of a bus tour offered by many excursion bureaus. The road Sydney – Catumbo takes about two hours. You can stay overnight in this national park in Australia at a motel, hotels, apartments and campgrounds.

The park’s popular activities include jeep safaris, kangaroo watching, participation in Aboriginal national holidays, mountaineering, rafting on mountain rivers, and hiking on specially equipped paths in the wilderness.

Answers to the questions can be found on the website: www.bluemountainscitytourism.com.au.

Red earth

The world-famous national park of Australia Uluru-Kata Tjuta appeared in 1958. The main natural landmark around which the park was created is Mount Uluru, considered sacred by the local Aborigines.

The nearest settlement is Alice Springs in 440 km from the reserve. You can get here on a rented car on the Great Central Road, which is also a landmark of the green continent.

The rules of conduct for guests of the park prescribe cleanliness, a ban on building fires and strict adherence to parking procedures and access roads to attractions. Their non-observance entails substantial monetary penalties.

Australian Maritime Museum

The Luna Park ferris wheel illuminated by the Phantasos light installation during Vivid Sydney 2018.

What could be more beautiful than the sea? Each of us seeks to quickly leave the city streets and dive into the cool sea depths. Just at this moment, you start to think, why did I not choose a profession related to water and did not become a sailor?

There is a place in Australia that directly immerses you in sea life, showing all the delights of this profession. This is the National Maritime Museum, which reveals uncharted secrets to the sea.

After all, Australia is surrounded by water, so only here you understand what it means to live by the sea. The museum offers you a unique opportunity to see thematic expositions, which are complemented by interactive elements.

Mystery Museum

You will hear about the stories of Europeans distant travels of the seas and oceans. After all, they are full of adventure and struggle with the elements, which contributes to the appearance of a feeling of excitement and desire to see new lands with their own eyes.

You will be introduced to stories about the arrival of ships in Australia with convicts, waves of migration, water sports, the life of the navy, and many other interesting facts related to the sea.

You will personally see the Vietnamese émigré ship, a sailing ship, a fishing vessel, and even a pearl boat. Here you will be shown a patrol ship and a team raider who fought during World War II.

Fascinating facade

Approaching the Maritime Museum, you can not marvel at its architectural structure. You can see in the structure of the building and the sails of a huge frigate, which at high speed rushes over the waves, stirring up the joyful feelings of the sailors and filling their hearts with hope.

Going inside the museum, you will be greeted by an exposition called “First People,” dedicated to the marine culture of the indigenous tribes and Aboriginal people of the Torres Strait Islands.

Each exhibit is interesting in the museum. For example, the layout of a container ship in the section shows what is hiding inside such a huge vessel. Here you can see a number of cars that are transported to Australia.

Australian Islands

Australia occupies a vast territory in the southern hemisphere, so it is in sixth place in terms of the area among other countries of the world. Within its possession are many island formations. The state lies on the same mainland, islands and has several external territories. The waters of the Pacific and Indian Oceans wash the islands of Australia.

Popular Islands of Australia

Heron Island, located on a reef, is perfectly adapted for tourist visits. The color of the reef changes throughout the day. In the period from May to mid-autumn, the average air temperature on the island is +29 degrees. You can get to this amazing land plot from Gladstone by helicopter or boat. Dank Island is famous for its unique landscapes. It is located in the coral sea and is completely covered with tropical jungle. This island has its own airport where flights from Cairns arrive. Hamilton is considered to be one of the best islands in the Whitsunday Pacific region. There are white sand beaches and tropical plants. The list of the world’s best resorts is Heiman Island. This is a prestigious vacation spot where wealthy young people prefer to relax.

The main attraction of the country is the Great Barrier Reef, which stretches along its eastern shore. It is included in the number of UN World Heritage sites.

The Great Barrier Reef is known for its picturesque resort islands and coral reefs. It forms the largest reef system on the planet, created by living organisms. The reef is almost continuous in the north. Its southern part is divided into separate reef groups. There are hundreds of islands above the water, but only about 20 land areas are inhabited. Interesting for tourists are such Australian islands as Fitzroy, Daydream, Orpheus, Green Island, Hamilton and others.

Near the southern coast of the country is the island of Tasmania. Its area is approximately 68 thousand square kilometers. It is known for its mild climate, rich underwater world and beautiful nature. The main city of the island is Hobart. It is the most sparsely populated and southern capital of the planet.

Australian culture

Situated apart and occupying a whole continent, Australia is a popular tourist destination for those who have already traveled half the world and decided to please themselves with something especially exotic. It has its own animal and plant world, different from others, magnificent nature reserves and special national traditions underlying the culture of Australia. It was formed as a result of the harmonious blending of cultures of European immigrants and indigenous people.

Literature as a mirror of society

The development of the literary genre of the culture of Australia can be divided into three stages. The beginning of its formation falls on the first years of the XIX century when the successors of English literary traditions settled on a distant continent. By the end of the century, Australian writers are becoming more and more inclined towards the national character of their works, and in the 20th century, due to the rise of the democratic movement, books are becoming more realistic, and their stories increasingly reflect the ordinary life of Australians.

The harsh everyday lives of the people were most vividly portrayed in their novels by T. Collins and G. Lawson, and they were reliably told in the novels by G. G. Robertson about immigrant life.

Victorian style and glitter new era

The influence of the architectural traditions of England in the culture of Australia is reflected in the construction of cities. The nineteenth century was marked by the construction of mansions in full accordance with the canons of the Georgian style. The buildings had a simple form, but they looked quite solid. The main features characteristic of the houses of that time are fan-shaped windows that adorned the facade, and symmetrically arranged chimneys. Fans of architectural attractions in Australia have something to look at:

  • The lighthouse on Cape South works by architect Francis Greenaway.
  • The temples of St. James in Sydney and St. Matthew in Windsor.
  • Mansion Elizabeth Bey House.
  • Parliament building in Victoria.
  • St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Melbourne.

Melbourne became the focus of buildings built in the Victorian style. Some pomp and massiveness characterize it. Modern architectural structures on a distant continent also attract particular attention.

Australia Seas

The farthest continent occupies only five percent of the entire land area on the planet and is in sixth place in terms of the area among the world powers. Tourists are interested in everything: unique wildlife, and impressive natural sights, and the seas of Australia washing its shores.


The continent drifting in the southern hemisphere has almost 60 thousand km of coastline along with islands. When asked what seas are in Australia, the geographical atlas answers by naming the distant and mysterious Timor, Arafura, Tasman and Coral seas. The first in this list belongs to the basin of the Indian Ocean, and the rest belong to the Pacific.

The Timor Sea separates the northern coast of Australia from the island of Timor, and the most significant Australian port on its coast is the city of Darwin. The Timor Sea joins the Arafura Sea, which is well known to oyster lovers. Their huge colonies are located there, and the waters of the Arafura Sea daily attract those engaged in the extraction of popular seafood.

Dream Reef Diving

The northern and northeastern parts of the continent are washed by the Coral Sea, which houses a unique natural formation called the Great Barrier Reef. It is the largest on the planet, and its length exceeds 2.5 thousand km. The reef is visible from space, and its importance in nature is so great that UNESCO included it in its protection program.

On the Great Barrier Reef, there are several of the most popular resorts:

  • Lizard Island, whose hotels are among the most expensive and fashionable on the reef. Local diving is recognized as the best entertainment in nature according to Lonely Planet, and leisure options for those who do not like to dive are presented in the widest range.
  • Heron Island, whose white sand on the beaches competes with the Caribbean, and service with the Maldivian. Tastings of the best local wines replace helicopter and scuba tours here, and night dives make diving especially romantic.
  • Couples and tourists with children prefer dank Island. Here are the most affordable prices and plenty of opportunities to watch butterflies and birds in their natural habitat.