Yacht Show

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Traditionally, in the early days of August, when the Australian winter is in full swing, the annual international Yacht Show is taking place in Sydney.

In the very center of the City there is a very nice creek (Darling Harbor), where at that time everything was forced (rather – swam, entered, generally tied to the shore) for more than a couple of hundred yachts, yachts and all sorts of boats from all over the “ball”. There is a strong belief that if suddenly the planes stop flying, then civilization in Australia, if it does not arrive, will certainly arrive!

Everything and every taste (except for submarines) was presented at the exhibition: from aboriginal shuttle boats to “boats” inside of which, well, there is just no field for cricket! Even “deck aviation” is presented.

The main visitors are ordinary citizens or just onlookers whose salivation increases during this time and a “scabies” reflex of envy appears. But how can one not “saliva” here if you see this? Even the most inert person cannot resist the temptation to touch, pull, pull something.

The attendants (they, the exhibition workers) are surprisingly very good-natured, delicate and patient with all the “fads of visitors” people. Everyone, under any pretext, is trying to drag you “aft”. What is “feed” does not reach everyone, but it sounds kindly friendly. Everything inside such a yacht looks more friendly. It immediately becomes clear why sailors for years in the sea live on ships and go home to their wives, sometimes in no hurry at all! Of course, what a normal person from such conditions voluntarily will move to Khrushchev !? Show it!

Those to whom it becomes unbearably offensive from what they see can go to the indoor exhibition complex. There, on thousands of meters of exhibition space, you can see the “land continuation” in the form of: pleasure motor boats, fishing boats, motors, scooters and any other ship equipment. Prices are not at all scary. For example, a six-seat motor boat with interior leather trim and a stationary (non-mounted) Honda motor is sold at a price roughly comparable to the price of a mid-range Toyota. If you take the price category of a BMW car, then to the leather trim, the motor and the boat itself, they will offer a “built-in bedroom” with a built-in bedroom with a kitchenette, toilet and shower.

As the organizers of the exhibition explained, no one is now guided by the compass (like the Timurovtsy), by the moon or by the stars. There are very “smart” satellite navigation systems that themselves will show your location, and even lay the course to the specified destination. Surprisingly, when we ourselves began to twist the various handles on these devices, they “displayed on the screen” the coordinates of our location with an accuracy of 50 meters. If at the next exhibition at the next exhibition such a similar appliance shows the location of a person in an apartment (or indicates the exact price of a bunch of radishes in the morning vegetable market), I (the author of the article) will not be surprised at all …

In the meantime, outside the month of August, the “fierce Australian cold” is the time to think about the upcoming “October weekends with swimming, diving, water skiing and fishing …