Australian National Parks

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More than 500 national parks of Australia occupy 4% of its territory and serve as places of attraction for many tourists. They are located in all provinces of the country, and some have gained world fame thanks to unique landscapes and modern tourist infrastructure.

Briefly about the best

Among the most visited in Australia are national parks in the Blue Mountains. The secret of their popularity in a short distance from Sydney, the diversity of flora and fauna, and in magnificent landscapes:

The Blue Mountains Park appeared on the map of Australia in the middle of the last century, and after fifty years, more than a million people visit it every year.

Kanangra-Boyd, 180 km from Sydney, is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its main pride is the most beautiful waterfalls, including the 225-meter Calang.

Founded in 1972, Lake Thirlmere Park offers its guests to relax on the shores of the cleanest reservoir and enjoy walking along its shores.

Blue Mountains

Direct transport links to the Blue Mountains Park happen from Sydney. You can get from the metropolis both by rail from the central city station and with the help of a bus tour offered by many excursion bureaus. The road Sydney – Catumbo takes about two hours. You can stay overnight in this national park in Australia at a motel, hotels, apartments and campgrounds.

The park’s popular activities include jeep safaris, kangaroo watching, participation in Aboriginal national holidays, mountaineering, rafting on mountain rivers, and hiking on specially equipped paths in the wilderness.

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Red earth

The world-famous national park of Australia Uluru-Kata Tjuta appeared in 1958. The main natural landmark around which the park was created is Mount Uluru, considered sacred by the local Aborigines.

The nearest settlement is Alice Springs in 440 km from the reserve. You can get here on a rented car on the Great Central Road, which is also a landmark of the green continent.

The rules of conduct for guests of the park prescribe cleanliness, a ban on building fires and strict adherence to parking procedures and access roads to attractions. Their non-observance entails substantial monetary penalties.