Australian Maritime Museum

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The Luna Park ferris wheel illuminated by the Phantasos light installation during Vivid Sydney 2018.

What could be more beautiful than the sea? Each of us seeks to quickly leave the city streets and dive into the cool sea depths. Just at this moment, you start to think, why did I not choose a profession related to water and did not become a sailor?

There is a place in Australia that directly immerses you in sea life, showing all the delights of this profession. This is the National Maritime Museum, which reveals uncharted secrets to the sea.

After all, Australia is surrounded by water, so only here you understand what it means to live by the sea. The museum offers you a unique opportunity to see thematic expositions, which are complemented by interactive elements.

Mystery Museum

You will hear about the stories of Europeans distant travels of the seas and oceans. After all, they are full of adventure and struggle with the elements, which contributes to the appearance of a feeling of excitement and desire to see new lands with their own eyes.

You will be introduced to stories about the arrival of ships in Australia with convicts, waves of migration, water sports, the life of the navy, and many other interesting facts related to the sea.

You will personally see the Vietnamese émigré ship, a sailing ship, a fishing vessel, and even a pearl boat. Here you will be shown a patrol ship and a team raider who fought during World War II.

Fascinating facade

Approaching the Maritime Museum, you can not marvel at its architectural structure. You can see in the structure of the building and the sails of a huge frigate, which at high speed rushes over the waves, stirring up the joyful feelings of the sailors and filling their hearts with hope.

Going inside the museum, you will be greeted by an exposition called “First People,” dedicated to the marine culture of the indigenous tribes and Aboriginal people of the Torres Strait Islands.

Each exhibit is interesting in the museum. For example, the layout of a container ship in the section shows what is hiding inside such a huge vessel. Here you can see a number of cars that are transported to Australia.