Australian Islands

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Australia occupies a vast territory in the southern hemisphere, so it is in sixth place in terms of the area among other countries of the world. Within its possession are many island formations. The state lies on the same mainland, islands and has several external territories. The waters of the Pacific and Indian Oceans wash the islands of Australia.

Popular Islands of Australia

Heron Island, located on a reef, is perfectly adapted for tourist visits. The color of the reef changes throughout the day. In the period from May to mid-autumn, the average air temperature on the island is +29 degrees. You can get to this amazing land plot from Gladstone by helicopter or boat. Dank Island is famous for its unique landscapes. It is located in the coral sea and is completely covered with tropical jungle. This island has its own airport where flights from Cairns arrive. Hamilton is considered to be one of the best islands in the Whitsunday Pacific region. There are white sand beaches and tropical plants. The list of the world’s best resorts is Heiman Island. This is a prestigious vacation spot where wealthy young people prefer to relax.

The main attraction of the country is the Great Barrier Reef, which stretches along its eastern shore. It is included in the number of UN World Heritage sites.

The Great Barrier Reef is known for its picturesque resort islands and coral reefs. It forms the largest reef system on the planet, created by living organisms. The reef is almost continuous in the north. Its southern part is divided into separate reef groups. There are hundreds of islands above the water, but only about 20 land areas are inhabited. Interesting for tourists are such Australian islands as Fitzroy, Daydream, Orpheus, Green Island, Hamilton and others.

Near the southern coast of the country is the island of Tasmania. Its area is approximately 68 thousand square kilometers. It is known for its mild climate, rich underwater world and beautiful nature. The main city of the island is Hobart. It is the most sparsely populated and southern capital of the planet.