Australia Seas

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The farthest continent occupies only five percent of the entire land area on the planet and is in sixth place in terms of the area among the world powers. Tourists are interested in everything: unique wildlife, and impressive natural sights, and the seas of Australia washing its shores.


The continent drifting in the southern hemisphere has almost 60 thousand km of coastline along with islands. When asked what seas are in Australia, the geographical atlas answers by naming the distant and mysterious Timor, Arafura, Tasman and Coral seas. The first in this list belongs to the basin of the Indian Ocean, and the rest belong to the Pacific.

The Timor Sea separates the northern coast of Australia from the island of Timor, and the most significant Australian port on its coast is the city of Darwin. The Timor Sea joins the Arafura Sea, which is well known to oyster lovers. Their huge colonies are located there, and the waters of the Arafura Sea daily attract those engaged in the extraction of popular seafood.

Dream Reef Diving

The northern and northeastern parts of the continent are washed by the Coral Sea, which houses a unique natural formation called the Great Barrier Reef. It is the largest on the planet, and its length exceeds 2.5 thousand km. The reef is visible from space, and its importance in nature is so great that UNESCO included it in its protection program.

On the Great Barrier Reef, there are several of the most popular resorts:

  • Lizard Island, whose hotels are among the most expensive and fashionable on the reef. Local diving is recognized as the best entertainment in nature according to Lonely Planet, and leisure options for those who do not like to dive are presented in the widest range.
  • Heron Island, whose white sand on the beaches competes with the Caribbean, and service with the Maldivian. Tastings of the best local wines replace helicopter and scuba tours here, and night dives make diving especially romantic.
  • Couples and tourists with children prefer dank Island. Here are the most affordable prices and plenty of opportunities to watch butterflies and birds in their natural habitat.